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Historical Background

The Islamic Center of Medford Coarm (ICMC) was founded in 1992. ICMC is located on the south service road of the Long Island Expressway (LIE), Exit 64, south 112 of Granny Road, 15 Lee Lane, Medford, 11763, NY. The main objectives of the members at that time were to maintain the Islamic values and cultural needs of the community of Arab American Muslims and prosper the religious and cultural wellbeing of the community, including the children and future generations of the community.

As the two decades of 21st century ended it is time to reflect on our achievements and failures in responding to the Qur’anic challenge of creating a good society on earth. The entire human history has been a history of the struggle to bring about this ideal society. The ideal that Islam is seeking is also a universal ideal for the entire humanity. It has been a mission of all the prophets and all the sages to see that humanity through its spiritual and moral perfection brings about the establishment of a just community.
The current century there is evil, violence, corruption, murders, crime, fraud etc. from which only Muslims and Muslim generations are suffering severely. The only way to avoid from these evils and sins is to strengthen the Islamic Institutions where we can provide the Islamic Education with formal education of Modern era.

These Islamic Institutions are for the long term evolution of Deen and to strengthen and recognizes the Islamic ideology. The establishment of such Islamic Institutions and continuously promulgating the Islam can lead to maintain the continuation up to the resurrection day without any danger.

The Quran is the Muslim scripture, that is to say the scripture of the followers of Islam. Islam is the religion established among the Arabs – a people until then largely confined to the Arabian Peninsula – by the Prophet Muhammad in the early seventh century. The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad by God through the agency of the angel Gabriel; this took place partly in Mecca, his hometown, and partly in Medina, where he succeeded in creating a state in an otherwise stateless tribal society. The message was revealed in Arabic, the language of the people it was initially addressed to, even though the message was ultimately for the whole of humanity.

Medford Islamic Center / Masjid Al-Muwahhi Deen

15 Lee Lane, Medford, NY 11763

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Daily Salat Time

Fajr5:30 am
Zuhr1:30 pm
Asr6:00 pm
Isha10:00 pm
JumuaArabic Khutba 1:40pm
JumuaIqama 1:45 pm
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