Courses Detail

Basic Quran Reading

  • This course is perfect for any person of any age who wants to take their first step towards learning the Holy Quran. We start by teaching the Arabic alphabet and by the end of the course students will be able to read the Quran properly.

Quran Reading Tajweed

  • It is obligatory upon every Muslim to read the Quran with correct pronunciation. In this course, you will learn the rules of Tajweed and the proper pronunciation of Arabic letters. Our teachers will go over with the students on how to apply these rule.

Quran Memorization

  • This course helps students to memorize the Quran. We offer the student three options to choose from when wanting to memorize the Quran. The students can choose one of the following options for this course: Memorize the last 30 Surahs. Memorize selected.

Quran Memorization

  • Our qualified tutors will help our students have a better understanding of the Surahs of the Quran. Our tutors will begin the course with Surah Al- Fatihah until the completion of the entire Glorious Quran.

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Daily Salat Time

Fajr5:30 am
Zuhr1:30 pm
Asr6:00 pm
Isha10:00 pm
JumuaArabic Khutba 1:40pm
JumuaIqama 1:45 pm
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