Building Permit

Great news الحمدلله

Praise be to Allah (SWT) who has granted us the opportunity to serve His Deen and His house. May Allah (SWT) shower is choicest blessings on the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

It gives me great pleasure to announce to you, that today, on this blessed first Friday and 5th day of Ramadhan of the year 1437 AH, June 10, 2016, the Town of Brookhaven has granted Masjid Al-Muwwahiddeen, also known as the Islamic Center of Medford-Coram, a Building Permit! This means that the town of Brookhaven has officially granted us permission to build the masjid and community center that we have all been planning for. Alhamduillah! The goals of the Masjid include, among many others, to provide Islamic education and an opportunity to complete Hifdh for all members of the community. The Masjid also aims to serve as a community center for activities that include Dawah, Taraweeh and daily Iftaars during the Month of Ramadhan, halaqas, and continuing Islamic education for adults of all ages with tafseer of the Holy Quran and studying the Hadith.

Firstly, I want to thank Allah (SWT) for this joyous occasion and I want to share this news with all of you, my brothers and sisters in Islam, so that we may all come together to help support this wonderful project. During this blessed Month of Ramadhan, please consider stepping up and multiplying your reward with Allah by supporting the Islamic Center of Medford-Coram in its efforts to help serve the community. Join us for Iftaar every day and bring your family and friends to come visit the future site of your new Masjid and Community Center: 15 Lee Lane, Medford, New York 11763! May Allah (SWT) always bless and protect you, your families and the community. JazakAllah Khairun!

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