Aims and Objectives

NewsbuttonEidul Fitr 2017

Asalamo alikum

Respected Brothers and Sisters 

The Hilal for the Month of Shawwal has been sighted.

Therefore, Eidul Fitr will be on Sunday June 25th,2017. Please pay your Sadqatul-Fitr before offering Eid Prayer.

FIRST and only SALAH – 9:00 AM
Islamic Center of Medford-Coram 
15 Lee Lane ,Medford, NY 11763 

Shaykh Muti Ur Rahman

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Aims and Objectives

The mission of Islamic Cultural Community Center/ Masjid Al-Muwahhideen is first and foremost to serve the deen of Allah (the religion of Allah).


  • To establish the Islamic rituals: Performing the five daily prayers, the Jummah Prayer and Eid Prayer.
  • To make the Muslim community aware of the matter of their Deen through lessons and lectures especially in the field of belief.
  • Explanation of Quran and jurisprudence both in Arabic and English
  • To provide services, such as Islamic jurisprudence arbitration specialized in the resolution of conflict between members of the community according to Islamic Law.
  • To Follow up with Dawah work, and help the youth develop skills in the field of Dawah.
  • Also, to provide any person interested in Islam with all the information they need.
  • To provide shariah teaching through the weekly Masjid halaqas and provide Islamic education to Muslim children through Al-Ahsan school, which has as its main subjects Quran, Islamic studies and Arabic Languages